Security Services For Banks and Credit Unions

Bank Security Guard Services in New York State

Our Surveillance Technologies

We offer the latest video surveillance technology to our clients. This enables us to install state of the art security cameras at strategic locations throughout the interior and exterior of the building. The presence of these cameras not only act as a deterrent to theft and would be troublemakers, but also records all actions on high resolution media. These cameras are monitored from our security office within the institution, and security guards can be quickly alerted to deal with unruly customers, while local law enforcement can be summoned in the event of more serious issues.

Why CHoose Us

Just as you do with protecting sensitive information, protect your financial institution and those who work there with a layered approach. We build custom solutions with a team of security experts and management so you can ensure that your facility is running optimally and secure. Have your needs met with our professional security solutions.
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New threats to financial security like credit card hacking and identity theft are continuously evolving and requires careful planning for the security of related physical property. Different types of financial facilities - such as local bank branches, data server centers, corporate offices, investment banks and security vault areas - require different security solutions. We provide managed security services and compliance solutions so you can not only manage the bottom line, but continue to maintain excellent customer relationships and confidence. Financial institutions are a treasure trove of personal information and monetary resources. Keeping such sensitive information secure in addition to protecting personnel is an important function of your business that we excel in with integrated and cost-effective services.

Why Secure Your Bank

Security plays a crucial role in the success of your financial facility. We work directly with financial institutions to implement effective and top-notch security programs. Our experience and commitment to consistent results and constant professionalism in the delivery of your financial institution's security is taken with utmost diligence. Our decades of experience can greatly benefit your place of business. We train our security officers to understand the specific needs and threats to banks, credit unions and other financial facilities, and recognize potential threats and respond to them appropriately and swiftly.

Security Services Offered

We have professional security officers who help to minimize the risks to financial institutions through ongoing, up to date and effective security training in data-center protection, identification of common crimes, awareness of industry trends and threats, workplace violence, external threats and bank robbery response procedures. We provide high quality security services to banks and financial institutions throughout New York.

Qualified Security Personnel

Our well groomed and uniformed guards provide foot patrol and observe every square inch of your financial institution. Our security guards can take detailed notes and handover a written security report at the end of their shift and also provide you and the police with incident reports with complete details of any security related incidents in and around your facility. We understand the complex security-related needs of financial institutions and we train our security personnel accordingly. As a result, our security officers help maintain a safe and secure environment. Our guards act as visual deterrents to criminal activity and serve as customer service representatives.