Security Services For Construction Sites

Construction Site Security Services in New York City


Our services extend beyond just patrolling. We are skilled in helping our clients come up with a plan to ensure the safety of their construction sites and site flaggers. During our free consultation, we will sit down with you and learn what you are trying to achieve, your timelines, concerns, and other important information. We will then help you come up with a plan for security that you feel comfortable with. This will include many topics such as the quantity of guards, where they are located, when you need them, signage, and other possible tips to help your site and employees stay protected. Network of Patrols is your total security provider for your construction site. Let us build a plan for you today with a free consultation.

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Theft at construction sites is too common an occurrence. And theft does not discriminate between the various kinds of construction sites. Theft can occur at a single-family home just as it can at a larger industrial building or a larger commercial facility site. The reason is simple: money. There are valuable materials, including building materials and internal furnishings that can bring money to the thief when sold. And theft is not just a threat from outside criminals. Often times, workers steal small tools. Such theft can end up costing you money, headaches, the workers feeling unsafe, and valuable time in your construction timeline wasted. At Network of Patrols, we know your construction site must adhere to strict safety standards and deadlines. That is why we take the job of protecting your site, the supplies in it, and your employees, including site flaggers, safe.

Our services offer many unique benefits, including:

Third Eye

Construction sites are busy places. There is a ton of action happening at once as workers construct and trucks come and go. This means that there is a lot of potential for things to go unnoticed that can cause workers harm or lead to theft. At Network of Patrols, we like to think of ourselves as your third eye. We strategically place our security guards locations that allow us to see everything that is going on. This puts us in a unique position to spot potential dangers to workers and vulnerable areas that may lead to theft and injury. With an effective communication system and highly responsive guards, we are able to act quickly based on what we see and make recommendations for a more secure site or respond to any needs. By seeing it all, we can respond appropriately to it all.

Access Control

Your construction site has multiple points of entry. This can lead to unwanted visitors or solicitors, especially on the weekends. Unfortunately, a chained fence or posted sign will not always keep people off the site. Our guards can control who has access to the site, when, and where. We will work hand in hand with you and the surrounding community to ensure that only the people that need access at certain times gain that access. By being proactive, our guards will not only help protect your site and employees, but we will act as liaisons to the community, which is one of the better prevention methods. Our guards are local and they know the area and establishments. Therefore, they are able to use that rapport to help keep you safe and keep the residents feeling safe as well knowing theft in the construction site will not be an issue, which ensures that theft in their establishments is less likely.