Crossing Guards and Construction Site Flaggers

Traffic Guard Services in New York City

Our Guards, Our Commitment

At Network of Patrols, we hire and properly train crossing guards to help protect motorists, pedestrians, school children and construction site workers each and every day all across New York. Our flaggers meet the standards and training set forth by the Department of Transportation Standard Specifications and are experienced and certified professionals. New York City if a very busy city, we help our fellow New Yorkers, their families, the elderly and children stay safe every day.

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Traffic guards or crossing guards help manage the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic in busy areas such as near schools, high traffic intersections, construction zones and congestion prone locations where special events are scheduled. Warning signs and barricades are sometimes used to help control the traffic and keep school children, workers and the general public away from harm. However, having crossing guards, traffic guards or site flaggers adds an additional layer of safety.

There are many benefits to having these types of trained guards for certain zones. Let’s take a look at a few along with some statistics.

Pedestrian Traffic Safety

According to the U.S Department of Transportation, in 2013, there were a total of 4,735 pedestrians killed in traffic accidents and a total of 66,000 injured in the United States. Of those totals, the elderly and young children had the highest number of incidents in the U.S in 2013.

Construction Site Flaggers

Having construction site flaggers or crossing guards helps to ensure the fluid flow of construction vehicles in and out of the construction zones, helps keep pedestrians safe and out of the way of heavy machinery and vehicles, and also allows for the normal traffic around the area to remain unaffected by the work activities. Flaggers help to keep the construction workers safe from dangerous situations and avoid preventable accidents, injury and even fatalities. Construction sites are very busy and active places, and having flaggers and traffic guards on site helps to ensure your construction project is a 100% accident free zone.

School Crossing Guards

The safety of our children is something that we all think about on a daily basis. It is comforting to know that when our children commute to and from school, there are guards in the area who help keep them safe. School crossing guards have the safety of school children as their number one priority. They also remind drivers of the presence of school children in the area, and help children be vigilant and alert when crossing busy intersections. Crossing guards also immediately report any unsafe conditions in the area and can to stop the normal flow of traffic when unsafe conditions develop.