Security Services For Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions Security Guard Services in New York State

Emergency Response

When our security guards patrol your campus, they are the first line of defense against disturbances. By hiring us, you provide your students and faculty with security they can rely on. Trained and certified to handle emergencies, our security guards know precisely what to do in case of an emergency. They are also more than capable of maintaining or restoring order during special events. Regardless of the types of situations that may present themselves, our security guards are there to provide safety, security and peace of mind.

Why Choose Us

When you choose Network of Patrols, your educational staff and students can rest easy knowing that trained professionals are looking out for their safety. As experienced security guards, we take our role seriously and are committed to being the best in the business. Contact us today for better campus security.

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As a licensed security agency in the state of New York, we take the security and safety of our clients seriously. This is nowhere more important than it is for the Educational Institutions that we serve. From students to faculty members, our security services assist local and campus police by providing uniformed security guards on the premises.

Educational Institutions should provide safety and security for their students, but often times that task is overwhelming. At Network of Patrols, we strive to make it easier for universities, community colleges, and trade schools to be safe and secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take a closer look at the benefits of using our services for your educational institution.

Benefits of On Campus Security

There is nothing more important than the safety of our nation's children, teenagers and young adults. They represent our future, and it is the duty of educational institutions to ensure their safety while at any learning center. However, it may not always be easy for educational institutions to organize such security.

Our security guards are here to support local schools and universities in securing the safety of their students and faculty. We do this by utilizing a systematic process to provide comprehensive security services. This includes preparation, planning, preventing and responding to emergencies. When you use our security services for your educational institution, you can sleep soundly knowing your students and property are both in trained hands.

Foot & Vehicle Patrols

Often all that is needed to secure the safety of students and faculty is to have uniformed security guards on the grounds. For this reason, our highly trained security guards perform regular foot and vehicle patrols throughout their shifts. They also monitor parking lots and campus garages to ensure that everyone is following the rules and adhering to parking regulations. The mere presence of our security guards gives students the confidence to roam the campus without any need for stress or concern.

Monitoring Building Security

Our security guards carefully inspect and monitor buildings and learning centers after hours to guarantee both physical security, and student security. Any suspicious activity or disturbances will immediately be reported to the proper authorities. The safety of your expensive educational equipment and that of your faculty is our utmost concern, which is why we constantly stand guard over your buildings and monitor them throughout the day.