Special Event Security Services in New York

Special Events Security Services in NY

Why Chose Us?

At Network of Patrols, we have supervised and provided security staff for hundreds of events in New York throughout the past decades. We are prepared to handle all types of special events, occassions and venues. Our security guards take the safety of our clients and their guests seriously, and arrive alert and prepared to handle all security tasks with ease and professionalism. Not only will we arrive well before the scheduled start time of the event to conduct a safety walk down of the entire area, we will also work with you ahead of time in developing a contingency plan in case of an emergency.

Network of Patrols will enable you to create a sense of security for your event guests and staff, ensuring the event runs smoothly and promote a fun, but safe environment for all involved.

We can provide security services for events such as weddings, conferences, birthday parties, entertainment venues, religious gatherings, demonstration rallies and many more.

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At Network of Patrols, we understand how critical it is to keep safety and security foremost regardless of the setting and location. One area where security is of critical importance is at special events. If you are hosting an event, it pays to invest in a professional and qualified team of security guards to keep it secure. As the host of your event, not only are you responsible for the itinerary of the event, but also for the safety of your guests. When you hire us, we will work tirelessly to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

If you are looking to hire special event security guards in new york, Network of Patrols has the team of experienced event security personnel you can trust and count on.

Our Special Event security guard services include the following.


Our trained security guards will patrol your event area to guarantee the safety of the organizers, crews and attendees. The presence of a security guard can help maintain balance between would-be troublemakers and those who are enjoying the event. With security guards readily available for guests, your event will be well on its way to be a success.

Staff Supervision

While you should undoubtedly have trust and confidence in your staff, our security guards can monitor the far-reaching elements of your event to guarantee everything goes as planned. Trained to pick up on suspicious activities long before anything goes awry, our security guards will spot any problem and eliminate potential threats.

Why Security Guards?

Special events can involve hundreds, if not thousands of individuals all crammed into one specific area. This creates a breeding ground for trouble if event providers are not prepared to handle the task. While police officers are always beneficial to any event, they cannot handle the magnitude of many concerts and entertainment venues. Other events are too small to warrant a police force. To get the special event security you need, it's best to turn to trained security guards.

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