Security Services For Government Buildings

Security Services for Government Buildings in New York

At Network of Patrols, we will work with you to analyze and execute a security plan that meets all of your needs. We will show you why we are your trusted resource to help you meet all of your security needs. Not only do we protect the property, we protect lives. Our professionally trained guards will provide the service that you are looking for. Please call us today so we can help customize our services specifically for you.

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Government offices can make susceptible targets for many crimes. Unlawful entry, theft, sabotage, kidnappings, trespassing, and bombings are just a few of the threats that these offices can be exposed to. At Network of Patrols, we understand the need for security and safety in these priority and high profile buildings. Our experienced security guards can offer both a psychological and physical presence to help reduce the likelihood of these threats from happening and appropriately handling and securing the situation should they happen. Certified and licensed by the State of New York, our guards can provide the peace of mind that the outside general public expect as well as the internal employees deserve. When you are considering whether your risk assessment requires the use of security personnel, consider the following areas where our professional and highly trained guards can offer assistance:

Building Entry

Our guards will monitor any person entering or exiting any entrance of the facility. Posting guards at the reception area will act as a barrier between the public and secured areas. Our trained guards offer the visible authoritative presence needed to maintain a safe environment while controlling the flow of people and verifying the identity of those in the facility. Having the ability to activate a silent alarm or help to control a situation should a threat arise could minimize any potential security incident from occurring. As potentially the first point of contact, our professional teams can help meet all of the needs of the organization.

Monitor Secure Areas

Government offices can contain a great deal of confidential and sensitive information. Our skilled guards can not only monitor and control access to these areas where this information is stored, but also notify the appropriate authorities should any type of intrusion or disaster occur. With our guards available to constantly monitor and patrol these restricted areas, there is substantially less likelihood of any intrusion or damage transpiring. We can also work with you to help pinpoint high risk areas.

Employee and Pedestrian Safety

The safety of employees and other members of the general public who utilize a government facility should be offered a safe and secure atmosphere to conduct business. We offer a strong presence and professional impression. Having our expert guards on premise will provide that extra layer of safety to keep the facility operating efficiently. Whether it is acting as a barrier between the customer and work areas, or the protection and monitoring of dignitaries or other officials, the professional service that our security guards provide is second to none. Our guards can help to implement and enforce all safety procedures.