Security Services For HealthCare Facilities

Health Care Facilities Security Services in New York

Preventing Workplace Violence

Health care facilities are unique entities. With patients coming in under different levels of duress, they are prone to potential violence. Also, with facility staff working long hours and under high stress to provide outstanding care, they are prone to the occasional violent tendencies. With Network of Patrols, our guards help diffuse workplace violence. Our specialists are trained to monitor patient and employee interactions to get ahead of any potential volatile situations in order to stop them from escalating. This includes patient to patient exchanges and patient to employee confrontations.

If you want to keep your health care facility safe, then you want Network of Patrols on your team. Our experienced and highly trained officers will help make your environment a healthy, safe, productive, profitable, and friendly place for patients and employees.

Freeing up Valuable Square Footage

Network of Patrols has its own command center, so we will monitor and communicate through an established and effective communication system that does not require space at your facility.

Raising the Bar on Customer Service

Potential medical procedures and layouts of medical facilities can cause a stressful experience for patients, which can lead to fear and anxiety for the patient. Network of Patrols trains our security officers to focus on customer service. They will help patients navigate the facility and assist in any other manner that will make customer service top notch and help patients feel at ease.

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Benefits of Security Guards for Health Care Facilities

Health Care facilities are an essential part of our society. They offer places where people can go for medical emergencies, specified health care, and to live under managed care. Places like hospitals, medical pavilions and assisted living centers are all considered health care facilities. As a society, we hold these facilities sacred, as they are places of comfort and care and where people in need go to find help and gain medical and emotional support. People go to seek answers to their health ailments at these facilities and with all the importance that these locations hold to the people that frequent them, the actual safety of health care facilities is of the utmost importance.

Unfortunately, people do not seek health care in some areas because they are not considered safe places, whereas places considered safer are highly sought after. However, not everyone has the ability to get to the place perceived as the "best location", and the place that can provide the care needed may be close by and perceived as unsafe. Security is what distinguishes whether or not a health care facility is considered safe.

This is where Network of Patrols can give health care facilities the competitive edge. No matter the area, we provide the safest and most secure solutions possible for health care facilities.

As Health Care Today States, A quality provider with experience in the industry will be familiar with best practices and standards that will enhance your plan and create a safe environment for your patients and staff. Our security guards are certified and highly trained in different security situations that are specific to healthcare facilities. In fact, they are put through rigorous classroom and on the job training to ensure they are prepared for any situation. Their training ranges from having to administer life saving measures, such as CPR, to helping customers in and out of facilities safely and gently after procedures. Network of Patrols is prepared to encounter every need of our customers.

The many benefits of having security guards for health care facilities include:


Healthcare facilities need to run efficiently and the industry is trending towards departments doing more with less. By using Network of Patrols' security services, there will be one centralized point of contact for your security needs, which helps your facility run more efficiently and effectively.


Consistency equals safety. When you work with Network of Patrols, you are getting a consistent product every time, which includes knowing what certain procedures are in certain situations, which eliminates second-guessing. Consistency also allow your staff and patients to feel safer and more secure. Safety is the number one priority in health care facilities.

Positive Patient Experiences

Implementing a standard security practice across facilities is important. When patients may come to a facility for an emergency one day, and then return for a follow up the next day, they will know how to access the facility and what safety methods are in practice. This helps create a positive patient experience that will keep the patient returning, even if they have different medical needs.