Security Services For Maritime and Airports

Airport Security Guard Services in New York City

One Stop Shop

Network of Patrols is a one stop shop. We are trained to perform all of the essential security functions in airports and seaports, from assisting TSA personnel with X-Ray screening, passenger screening, crowd management or even physical bag searches. On the seaport side, we are federally approved to provide cruise and cargo security and are approved by the Port Authority of NY/NJ to work at any of the local ports. And there are a quite a few of them. Network of Patrols can also do facility management and emergency management as well as transportation and facility security. We are really are a one stop shop.

What have you got to lose? Actually you have a lot to lose. People can lose their goods, their money or their lives without proper security. It's just not something you skimp on, ever. Network of Patrols affords you the opportunity to get a certified, trustworthy company with extensive experience and an excellent track record. Take the right steps for some peace of mind.

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We live in a dangerous world. With mass shootings happening on a near consistent basis in America and the threat of terrorist attacks constantly in our minds, the nation as a whole looks to security. Nowhere is this more important than public places of travel and commerce. Naturally, some of the first places that come to mind are airports and seaports. As busy areas with a lot of daily traffic, they are appetizing targets for those seeking to cause harm. 9/11 and the litany of shootings are pertinent reminders of just how important safeguarding the public is. Network of Patrols is a company that understands these points with absolute clarity.

Why Do We Need It?

Have you ever watched the news and heard of people flying from one airport to another without ID? Or passengers concealing knives in suitcases or luggage? These things happen. People are also aware of the enormous amount of contraband that gets imported illegally at seaports because of lax security.

The TSA has an important mission in airports but with a plethora of budget cuts coming from Congress in recent years, the TSA is spread thin. Network of Patrols can work with the TSA to bring heightened levels of security to airports. With extra attention to this critical setting, criminals are much less likely to incite violence and the probability of them getting stopped in their tracks before they actually do cause a problem greatly increases. Airports and seaports need to be able to mount a robust response to any problem, big or small. That's what Network of Patrols is here for.

24/7 Surveillance Options

Airports and seaports don't close. In fact, criminals are more likely to try something in the late hours of the night or wee hours of the morning when people are less alert. Security guards can help mitigate such a gap in monitoring with 24/7 staffing available. This gives you peace of mind that you're covered when you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.