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Office Building Security Services in NYC

Office Buildings Security

From small businesses, to high rise office buildings, Network of Patrols helps keep staff members and business owners safe with our highly skilled and experienced security gaurds.

Residential Buildings Security Guards in New York

Residential Buildings Security

When you choose our Residential Buildings Security Guard Services, you can rest easy knowing your property is taken care of. We offer 24/7 patrol and security services for residents and building owners.

Special Events Security Guard Services

Special Events Security

We provide security for corporate events, holiday parties, community gatherings and much more. No matter what the occasion is, count on our security services to help your event run smoothly.

Health Care Facilities Security Services

Health Care Facilities Security

If you want to keep your health care facility safe, then you want Network of Patrols on your team. Our experienced security officers will help make your facility a safe, productive, and friendly place for patients and medical staff.

Shopping Center Security Guards in New York

Shopping Center Security

Network of Patrols understands the challenges of retail and shopping centers. Consider us for your Shopping Center \ Mall security needs and give us a call today.

Transportation Facilities Security Service in NYC

Transportation Facilities Security

From bus terminals to train stations, we have decades of experience in providing quality security services for all types of transportation facilities.

Government Buildings Security Services in NY

Government Buildings Security

Government buildings today need to meet the highest of security standards. Network of Patrols not only can meet those standards, we can exceed them by incorporating the lateset technology and security tactics.

Warehouse and Industrial Facilities Security Guard Services

Warehouse and Industrial Facilities Security

Protecting inventory and staff in Warehouses and Industrial facilities is extremely important for your business and day to day operations. We can help.

Banks and Credit Unions Security Services in New York

Banks and Credit Unions Security

Bank and Credit Union customers expect their branch offices to be safe, secure and properly monitored. Our guards help keep customers at ease while they conduct their banking at their local financial facilities.

Construction Site Security Services

Construction Site Security

Construction sites must adhere to strict safety standards and deadlines. That is why we take the job of protecting your site, the supplies and materials in it, and construction workers safe.

Educational Institutions Security Guards in NYC

Educational Institutions Security

When you choose Network of Patrols, your educational staff and students can rest easy knowing that trained professionals are looking out for their safety.

Maritime and Airport Security Guards in New York

Maritime and Airport Security

From passenger prescreening, baggage screening, protecting cargo, to Airport runway security, Nework of Patrols understands the security needs and the level of importance of securing Maritime facilities and Airports.

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