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New York Residential Buildings Security Services

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When you choose our Residential Buildings Security Guard Services, you can rest easy knowing your property is taken care of. We offer 24/7 patrol and security services for residents and building owners. Our guards are easy to work with and enjoy helping the public. Licensed and trained in New York State, they have the skills and understanding necessary to eliminate any threats to your residents or property.

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At Network Of Patrols, our primary focus is on safety. Our skilled and experienced security guards ensure that our customer's protection and that of their property is always front and center. For those who own or operate residential buildings, the task of keeping property safe at all times is of upmost importance.

As residential security providers, we understand the importance of keeping your community and building safe. Not only does an experienced security guard offer assistance in times of emergency, they also provide residents with peace of mind and confidence while residing in your building.

Consider a few additional benefits to having residential security guard services for your building:

It Keeps Your Building Safe

Building safety and security is of paramount importance to your business. Statistics show that the very presence of security guards reduces crime rates dramatically. An onsite guard can ward off would be thieves by making residents a harder target. The ultimate goal for our residential security guard services is to prevent crime before it happens, reducing your stress and security concerns in the process.

Offers Free Surveillance

Unlike other security services, our residential guards are available for signing visitors in and out, monitoring suspicious activity, and keeping up with who is on the premises at all times. Enforcement of your building policies is also made possible with a security guard. Instead of assuming that residents are abiding by your policies, you can count on our skilled guards to enforce them and follow up with any visitors on site. Constant monitoring guarantees you're informed whenever an issue may arise.

Guarantees Security 24/7

Regardless of the time of day, our security guards are there when you need them. Because we offer 24/7 security services, you and your residents can sleep soundly knowing that a trained guard is patrolling the grounds bringing any danger to light immediately. Vandals and would-be thieves disappear after the crime is committed, but with our security guards patrolling your residential building, we can catch them in the act and immediately notify the authorities. This sends a message that your building isn't one to be messed with.