Security Services For Shopping Centers / Malls

Shopping Mall Security Services


Depending on your needs, Network of Patrols can monitor camera feeds, check credentials, or restrict access to areas. Guards can be assigned to specific duties such as looking for shoplifters, monitoring parking areas, night patrols, or opening and closing part or all of a location.

Network of Patrols will enable you to create a sense of security, keeping customers safe, acting as customer service representative, and playing specific roles within your mall operation. The added benefits to your tenants, customers and investment property will far outweigh the cost of our services.

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Keeping your business and customers feeling safe is a priority. You have invested a considerable amount of time to draft a business plan, find a location, secure the lease, obtain financing, find tenants, and advertise to get business. It's only natural that you would want to protect this investment and have the peace of mind of providing a safe environment for your investment and customers. Network of Patrols understands the challenges and rewards of small businesses and are committed to protecting your investment. As a small business ourselves, we take our role seriously and will ensure the safety of your shopping centers, shopping malls, customers and employees.

Each of our highly qualified and trained security guards are certified by the state of New York, and go through rigorous testing to ensure they are a good fit for the company and for the roles they are intended to carry out. Network of Patrols' security guards not only increase the safety factor of your shopping mall or center, they also provide the added benefit of enhancing the shopping experience.

According to an article from the Facility Executive, An important component of facility management (FM) is the administration of managed security services. It is key not only to safeguarding the facility, but also to its operation and profitability… They could provide a secure workplace environment, protect assets and technology of companies, respond to on-site incidents, and report unsafe or threatening security conditions.

In addition to enabling your operation to run well and profit accordingly, we will also offer the opportunity to enhance the safety and security of your shopping center and mall by:

Sense of Security and Prevention

A security guard is much more likely to deter a criminal than cameras alone and their presence can ease the mind of your tenants and customers. The presence of a security guard also shows criminals that you are prepared and demonstrates you care about your business and are willing to invest to keep it safe.

Customer Service

Security guards act as service ambassadors and can serve as a sentry to control access to a certain area. With an increased amount of customer and client interaction, guards can provide directions, direct customers to find products, and escort customers to help protect their newly acquired valuables. Screened to ensure our guards are personable, we allow you to communicate the message that your business is secure and customer-oriented.

Handling Crime

When it comes to actively responding to a crime, our security guards receive various levels of training and depending on the circumstances, will either record details and immediately call the police or handle the situation on the premises. Network of Patrols' experience and versatility allow us to asses and manage every conceivable situation.