Security Services For Transportation Facilities

Network of Patrols offer security services for transportation facilities

Staff and Secured Areas

Keeping facility staff and vital systems secure is another area where our trained security guards can offer safety. There are areas with infrastructure, data keeping, or vital system components that are off limits to the public and staff alike. These areas need to be secured and constantly monitored. Having and knowing that there is constant surveillance on these critical systems and having immediate notification to the proper channels can be vital to the safety of both individuals and the structure of the facility. We can also ensure and enforce compliance of safety procedures and policies of staff in relation to these secured areas.

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We understand that the need for security and safety go beyond just personal property. At Network of Patrols, we have extensive experience in the security of all types of transportation facilities. Our experienced security guards can offer the peace of mind needed and customer service expected by not only the staff of the facility, but the general public as well. Being certified to work in the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, we can provide service both privately and to government sectors.

The need for commuter and staff safety has never been more in the forefront than it is today. Our highly trained guards are licensed in the state of New York by the Department of State Division of Licensing Services. Our security guards will provide an authoritative and respected asset to assist in many different aspects of servicing any facility or mass transit system needs.

When you are considering your security needs, here are some examples of where and how we can provide assistance:

Public Transportation Terminals

Whether it is at bus terminals, airports, train stations, or subway terminals, our security guards can provide an extra layer of safety and protection. Commuters traveling through these facilities need to know, and expect that they are able to travel to and from their destinations safely and securely. Just having a security guard on premise or on visible patrol will help to deter and prevent petty crimes as well as provide an overall safer atmosphere. They can provide monitoring at entrances and check points along the way as well on the specific transportation mode throughout terminals.

Parking Lots and Garages

Our security guards can help to create a safer environment in all areas of the transportation facility. Parking areas are an often forgotten place where commuters, pedestrians, and customers want to know they are safe as well as their personal property is secured. With our guards on-site and on patrol, commuters and passengers can rest easy knowing that they are safe while loading or unloading luggage and belongings as well as walking to and from the entrance. We can monitor for any type of suspicious activity and help to immediately notify the authorities should a crime happen.