Security Services - WareHouse and Industrial Buildings

We Provide Security Services for Industrial Facilities

Response Time

According to American Police Beat, the average response time for an emergency call is 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes can make the difference between life and death. In more minor cases, those 10 minutes can make the difference between a major breach and a thwarted one. Network of Patrols offers immediate response time because we are on the premises and in communication with each other. Thus, we can respond to an incident faster, communicate with police when they arrive, and are trained for first aid emergencies as well. This makes our services invaluable as every second counts.

Keep your warehouse or industrial facility running productively and safely with us. Contact us today to get your free consultation and be on your way to a peaceful state of mind.

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Your warehouse or industrial facility plays an important part in your business. It is a place where you store important products and materials, and it needs to be secure. The last thing your business can afford is to have this facility compromised due to lack of proper security. This will cost your company money, resources, time, and headaches trying to recover from a security breach. At Network of Patrols, we understand the need to have your warehouse or industrial facility protected around the clock. And we know it is about more than saving produce or material. We know you value your employees and want to keep them safe too. We take our protective services seriously, and we believe we offer many benefits to our customers.

Employee Safety

Your employees are arguably the crux of your business. Without them, you would not have any work completed. Therefore, it is important to keep them safe and provide a sense of security beyond just video surveillance systems. At Network of Patrols, we have the friendliest security guards. Our guards will walk employees to their cars, monitor the parking area for abnormalities, and ensure that there are no breaches or dangers that could harm your valuable employees.

Protection Around The Clock

Business does not just get done from 9-5 at warehouses and industrial facilities. That is why we offer around-the-clock security services. Our highly trained and certified guards will protect your facility during times when it may be at its most vulnerable and times when it may be its busiest. We are prepared to handle any situation that may arise, and we train our guards on what to look for at certain times of the day to offer maximum protection.